Ways to Save Time and Money

Fill out your permit ahead of time

You can save time by having your permit application filled out before you come to our office. Select the type of permit you will require from the list below.

Print out and complete the form and bring it with you.
If you have a simple project like a water heater replacement, HVAC system change out, a new window or a re-roof you can obtain your permit on-line by setting up an account.
If you are not sure what you need, ask. (916-876-6129).

Submit electronically

You can save money in document scanning fees by submitting your plan sets, energy and engineering documents electronically. There are two ways to do this:

  • As an attachment to your on-line or PDF permit application
  • On a mass storage device that you bring with you to our office

Commercial ‘Quick Check’ Permit Program 

Commercial Tenant Improvement (TI) Building Permits can be processed on a ‘fast track’ basis with our ‘Quick Check’ Permit Program. We have dedicated some of our most senior staff to the task of processing specific commercial permits through all approval phases which encompass reviews from planning, zoning, fire and related agencies. Below are the basic requirements you can use to see if your project qualifies for a ‘Quick Check’ TI Permit.

  • Building is either B or M occupancy 2000 SF or less
  • Scope of work is clear and well defined
  • Does not create new building square footage
  • There is no change in use
  • Utilities in building are not changed
  • Has no Energy Calculations
  • Have 5 Plan Sets stamped by California licensed Architect or Engineer
  • Includes special needs access forms
  • No changes to exit doors or windows